Rabat, August 9, 2008 -- Over the last three decades, the Hassan II Golf Trophy has experienced supreme growth and worldwide reputation. The Trophy is Morocco’s largest and most successful sport event, whose rising participation and global interests have made the Kingdom more visible with improved community self-esteem.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay Rachid, driving force behind the modern Morocco and President of the Trophy, is leveraging this truly unique golf event to enhance a country’s image as well as socio-economic development.

Indeed, the Hassan II Golf Trophy has a large impact on and already left an important legacy to the host Rabat, the Kingdom, region and world, at the time when the international image of a city and its region has never been more crucial for increasing number of new business and opportunity.

At the same time, the Hassan II Golf Trophy under the directions of Crown Prince Moulay Rachid has evolved into the event that has significant socio-economic advance for Rabat, with the planning and implementation of a wide series of activities and interferences throughout the region.

The Hassan II Golf Trophy is the formation of a wide-ranging regional economics, an accounting model with the economic impact on sport tourism, which is financially balanced, socially equitable, justly accountable and sufficiently integrated in the long-term ecological equilibrium of the natural environment.

By far the biggest international sporting event held in Morocco on a regular basis that ensures foreign tourists will return to country, the Hassan II Golf Trophy is showing how Morocco’s golfing heritage works to everyone’s advantage.

The innovative approach adopted by Crown Prince Moulay Rachid in Morocco has paid dividends, which demonstrates that the Trophy and golf in general, is an important economic driver for the Moroccan economy as golf tourism provides enormous potential for development, together with benefit that Morocco boasts some of the world's finest golf courses.