Rabat, October 14, 2008 – Continuing to stand strongly behind development of the sport tourism, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay Rachid – President of the Hassan II Golf Trophy - launched a unique retreat arrangements for this year’s Hassan II Golf Trophy, which is taking place in Rabat November 4th to 9th 2008.

The annual Hassan II Golf Trophy, known as the living legacy of hosting sport events, is offering fabulous luxury retreat at the Royal Golf Dar Es Salam. For more information and to apply, visit the official Website of Hassan II Golf Trophy, for the United States: http://www.hassan2golftrophy.com/form-US.htm, Europe http://www.hassan2golftrophy.com/form-fr.htm and Morocco http://www.hassan2golftrophy.com/form-maroc.htm.

Through hosting sport events and promoting sport tourism, Crown Prince Moulay Rachid is boosting country pride and opportunity to enhance a community’s overall development are some examples of the benefits of Hassan II Golf Trophy.

In addition to entrance charges and sponsorship aid, the Hassan II Golf Trophy impacts retail, accommodation and other tourism attractions. It also creates new employment opportunities, stimulates country’s development, and ideally supports and enhances the social and cultural dimension.

Crown Prince Moulay Rachid also seeks to harvest the full benefits of a physically active lifestyle, achieve sustained excellence in competitive sport and increase the impact of hosting first-class sport events.

During several years, Crown Prince Moulay Rachid has demonstrated victory in launching a sport tourism development plan, and has offered a model of how to make the most of the various benefits and lasting legacies of sport tourism.